About the foundation


The Foundation for the Promotion of the Historical and Cultural Heritage EUROS – WIND FROM THE EAST was established on 10 May 2014 by a notarial deed in which the statement of intent was made by three founders.

It was the founders’ intention that the Foundation should operate on the whole territory of Poland and carry out the following objectives:

  • historical remembrance;
  • protection and promotion of achievements of the human material, intellectual and spiritual culture as well as nature conservancy;
  • support of the development and promotion of the Polish regions, particularly the south-eastern ones, and any places connected with the Polish history and culture;
  • support of individual and group entrepreneurs, especially in the field of culture;
  • promotion of social and intercultural dialogue;
  • social activation and integration, especially in the areas encompassed by the Foundation’s objectives;
  • promotion of Poland among foreigners.

The Foundation was named after the mythological god of the wind Euros. Euros or Eurus in the myths of ancient Greece embodies a gentle breeze blowing from the east, bringing moisture and refreshing rains. It is one of the least known of the Greek Anemoi – the ancient gods of winds (the others being Zephyr, Boreas and Notos).
This name is a conscious reference to the ancient culture in which almost all the modern European cultures have their common roots. Furthermore, Euros symbolizes the eastern and south-eastern region of Poland, particularly strongly promoted by the Foundation, which is traditionally multicultural and abounding with nature and thus interesting and important.
Our logo consisting of the letters “F” and “E” forming an open window is a symbol of dialogue and openness to the diversity of cultures, people and their points of view.

The founders, who are also active members of the Foundation, decided to carry out their activities within such organizational and legal framework because they opt for lawful operation as a non-profit organization, transparency and long-term commitment, as well as flexibility in undertaking the activities according to capabilities and resources.
The core members of the Foundation are volunteers – the people of good will who want to do something for others by giving it their best – abilities, knowledge, interests and passions. They have a lot of enthusiasm and ideas and for them the EUROS Foundation is a training ground where they gain experience about the third sector organizations and non-profit activity.

The journey to reach even the most distant destination consists of single steps thus we believe that any single activity we undertake for the common good makes a difference!