II Word War and nazi occupation in Nowy Sącz – new digital project!

Foundation Nomina Rosae from Nowy Sacz (Malopolska, former West Galizia) thanks to a grant from the German EVZ Foundation will carry out a research&education project called „Wartime Nowy Sącz”.

“The main objective of our project is to create a website dedicated to the history of Nowy Sącz during the German occupation, which will include an interactive map of the city and important points in the region, where forced labor camps were located during the war. Our map will include a vast base of data and knowledge about the times of the german occupation, and a s a whole it will comprise a deepened case study of a city and its inhabitants under the occupation. The map will include papers, articles, videos, podcasts, witness testimonies, archive photographs from the II world war period, contemporary photographs of the described locations and more”…we read on the website of the Nomina Rosae Foundation.

Foundation EUROS joins the project „Wartime Nowy Sącz” and our contribution to it are research of archival documents, records, memories… any trace of nazi terror and life in a wartime in Nowy Sącz.

The research coordinator of the project, supervising the creation of content for the map is Agnieszka Filipek – our Board Member, historian, archivist,employee of the National Archives in Krakow, Nowy Sącz Branch, Board Member in Polish-Austrian Association, Nowy Sącz Branch, participant of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure programme.

If you have any information, memories, photos ect. that would support this project, please contact us by e-mail: fundacja-euros@gmail.com or phone numer +48 692-668-346 (WhatsApp contact possible).