1st Forum of Public Dialogue in Nowy Sącz

On January 26, 2018, the last meeting of the 1st Public Dialogue Forum in Nowy Sącz took place. A series of four lectures was conducted under the motto “Who meets Jesus Christ, meets Judaism” what is a quotation from Pope John Paul II.
The event was organized by the Foundation EUROS, the Evangelical-Augsburg Parish in Nowy Sącz and the National Archives in Krakow. The speaker and initiator of the event was Arkadiusz Herzberg, holder of the master’s degree in history, employee of the National Archives in Krakow – the Branch in Nowy Sącz, whose hobby is also following the FC Barcelona football club. Mr. Herzberg is interested in the topic of Judaism and early stages of Christianity for more than a decade.
During the four meetings, the issues covered were as follows: the origin of Christianity, the reasons for the Christian and Jewish divide, a controversial thesis according to which modern Judaism is a direct continuation of the thought and faith of the biblical Israel. During the last meeting the invited guests thoroughly discussed all the above mentioned topics. Also an attempt was made to answer the question whether the common roots of two great religions can be the basis for dialogue.
The meetings were received with great interest by the citizens of Nowy Sącz. We would like to thank all the co-organizers, participants and invited guests. Photos from the event are available in the gallery.