Save the Old Cemetery in Nowy Sącz!

Saving the Old Cemetery


In November 2020, the New Directions Foundation from Nowy Sącz started collecting money for the renovation of tombstones in the so-called Old Cemetery in Nowy Sącz and the revitalisation of their surroundings.

The cemetery was established at the end of the 18th century in accordance with the new legislation outside the then city limits. For almost one hundred years it served as a burial place for the inhabitants of Nowy Sącz; many distinguished citizens of the city were buried there. In the 19th century, the alleys between the monuments were overgrown with lime and chestnut trees, magnolias, as well as orange and lemon trees! Today, the cemetery covers an area of about 1 hectare and is basically located in the city centre. Already in the interwar period, after the end of burials, its area was significantly depleted. Its area was taken, among others, for a newly laid out street and the Shooting House. Over time, many of the monuments and gravestones (including the grave of the Confederates of Bar) were destroyed and many of those still remaining were moved during the clean-up works. In recent years, a few tombstones have been successfully restored, but these actions do not even meet half of the long list of needs.

The New Directions Foundation has set itself an ambitious goal of collecting 100,000 zlotys. The collection is currently underway on the portal.

History of the cemetery, tombstones, beautiful photographs on the website run by the New Directions Foundation:

The EUROS Foundation is happy to join the fundraising efforts and we encourage everyone who cares about the memory of the dead and the memorial sites important to Nowy Sącz to join the campaign. See our video about the fundraising and history of the Old Cemetry: