The fundamental goals of the EUROS Foundation are:

– to preserve the memory of the past, particularly through historical and cultural education and social campaigns;
– the protection and promotion of expressions of material, intellectual and spiritual human culture, especially by organizing research, seminars, publishing, digitizing and monument protection;
– the protection of the natural environment, in particular by using natural education, organizing thematic routes and sightseeing tours and supporting healthy eating;
– strengthening the local patriotism, by organizing historical and cultural local events;
– popularizing history and strengthening the development of Poland, by historical education among the youth, scholarships, conferences, language courses and career consultations;
– preserving natural connections between South-Eastern Polish regions and the lands that were formerly Polish, where Polish history and culture are vivid, by using international youth exchanges and polish language lessons;
– strengthening social and individual entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of culture;
– leading social and intercultural dialogue, with the aim of improved social and multicultural integration;
– the promotion of Poland in other nations.

Click HERE to read the full mission statement of EUROS Foundation (in Polish).