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Our main activities in 2022/2023

From 2022 we are engaged in two main projects:

– Save the Old Cemetery in Nowy Sącz – with New Directions Foundation. Soon we will present you our fundraising project. We will be also publishing some short stories on Facebook dedicated to history of the cemetery and people buried there.

– Commemoration of Jewish Community in Małogoszcz (Świętokrzyskie voivodeship). In cooperation with two others organizations: “Lokalni Patrioci” Associacion and The Popiela Family Foundation “Centrum” (initiator of the project “People, not numbers”) we clean up the cemetery area (all works undertaken according to Halacha law), publish a brochure about history of the cemetery and local Jewish community, prepare the script for history lesson for local schools.

If you would be interested in helping us as a volunteer, could provide any information about the Jewish community in Małogoszcz or would like to make a financial contribution, please contact us by mail: fundacja.euros@gmail.com. You can support us financially by PayPall. Just click – How to help – above.



II Word War and nazi occupation in Nowy Sącz – new digital project!

Foundation Nomina Rosae from Nowy Sacz (Malopolska, former West Galizia) thanks to a grant from the German EVZ Foundation will carry out a research&education project called „Wartime Nowy Sącz”.

“The main objective of our project is to create a website dedicated to the history of Nowy Sącz during the German occupation, which will include an interactive map of the city and important points in the region, where forced labor camps were located during the war. Our map will include a vast base of data and knowledge about the times of the german occupation, and a s a whole it will comprise a deepened case study of a city and its inhabitants under the occupation. The map will include papers, articles, videos, podcasts, witness testimonies, archive photographs from the II world war period, contemporary photographs of the described locations and more”…we read on the website of the Nomina Rosae Foundation.

Foundation EUROS joins the project „Wartime Nowy Sącz” and our contribution to it are research of archival documents, records, memories… any trace of nazi terror and life in a wartime in Nowy Sącz.

The research coordinator of the project, supervising the creation of content for the map is Agnieszka Filipek – our Board Member, historian, archivist,employee of the National Archives in Krakow, Nowy Sącz Branch, Board Member in Polish-Austrian Association, Nowy Sącz Branch, participant of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure programme.

If you have any information, memories, photos ect. that would support this project, please contact us by e-mail: fundacja-euros@gmail.com or phone numer +48 692-668-346 (WhatsApp contact possible).

Save the Old Cementery in Nowy Sącz

The Foundation “Nowe Kierunki” has started fundraising for the renovation of tombstones located in the Old Cemetery in Nowy Sącz.

The Cemetery was established in the end of 18th century – according to a new public law – outside the town. During 100 years it served as a burial place for many people of Nowy Sącz, ordinary and honored citizens, Catholics and Protestants buried next to each other (Jewish cemetery was established separately). It had a beautiful linden alley and lemon and orange trees! Now it lies close to the city center and its area has decreased significantly because there was a need for a new road and some new public buildings. What is left requires immediate renovation.

We ask you to help to preserve tombstones and memory of those who have gone. You may join by giving a donation via our PayPal (“How to help” button) or directly on the website where the fundraising is held: https://zrzutka.pl/akjtvw

See some photos of the Old Cementery here: https://ocalmystarycmentarz.pl

Thank you! We keep our fingers crossed for the Foundation “Nowe Kierunki”!

The exhibition of pictures by Bolesław Barbacki – online tour

Dear Visitors! Museum Okręgowe in Nowy Sącz has prepared a short film available online showing the exhibition of pictures by Bolesław Barbacki – great Polish portrait painter. Barbacki was born in Nowy Sącz, where he lived and worked, until he was killed by Nazis in Biegonice in 1941. Now Nowy Sącz has not forogtten its great compatriot. Watch and admire the gallery of his works:

“The Polish Portrait” – now online

Make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and prepare for over an hour-long, fascinating story about Bolesław Barbacki, a great Polish portrait painter, told by… himself! The film, production of Nomina Rosae Foundation from Nowy Sącz (with our small participation ;)), is now available online for free! Do not forget to turn on english subtitles (you can do it in Settings). Have a good time with Bolesław Barbacki, getting to know about his great talent and accomplishments, against the background of Poland in the first half of XIX century.

Upcoming premiere of the film “The Portrait of a Pole”

We are happy to inform that on 21 August in MCK “Sokół” in Nowy Sącz a premiere of the film “The Portrait of a Pole” (“Portret Polaka”) is planned. It is a documentary with story plots about Boleslaw Barbacki, famous portrait painter of the interwar period, teacher, community activist, who studied in Cracow, travelled to Italy and Paris, but loved his home town Nowy Sącz, where he spent most of his life. The Foundation Nomina Rosae who is the producer of the film wants to honour the 78 anniversary of death of Bolesław Barbacki, who with others political prisoners, was killed by the Nazis during the II World War on 21 August 1941 in Biegonice near Nowy Sącz. At noon, before the film premiere, at the war victims cementary in Biegonice, Nomina Rosae organizes an event to light the candles at the memorial of the II World War victims who were killed there.

The lecture entitled “The earliest history of the Barbacki family” and a tourist guide promotion event

Najdawniejsze dzieje Barbackich - poradnik genealogaOn Saturday 24 February 2018 in Nowy Sącz a lecture opened to the public entitled “The earliest history of the Barbacki family: Review of sources or genealogical study guidelines” took place. The organizers of the event were: the Foundation EUROS, Evangelical-Augsburg Parish of the Transfiguration and Sądecki Sztetl. The lecturer was Anna Żalińska – historian, archivist, head of the Foundation EUROS, who for years has been interested in the life and work of the artist-painter Bolesław Barbacki (1891-1941) and the history of his family.
During the lecture Mrs. Żalińska presented the copies of the oldest archival materials identified to date. Among them were the copies of documents from the National Archives in Krakow – the Branch in Nowy Sącz, the archives of the Jagiellonian University, Military Historical Bureau (former Central Military Archives). The oldest history of the family going back to times before their arrival to Nowy Sącz was presented on the basis of records and a parish chronicle from Słopnice Dolne (former Słopnice Królewskie) and the St. Apostles’ Peter and Paul Parish Church in Uście Solne. The oldest records date back to mid 18th century.
The lecture included the promotion of the tourist brochure “The trail of Bolesław Barbacki in Nowy Sącz”. It presents the painter’s biography in relation to the places in Nowy Sącz. The honorary patronage over the publication was granted by the Mayor President of Nowy Sącz and the tourist organization PTTK – the Branch “Beskid” in Nowy Sącz. The printing was possible thanks to our private donor and the cooperation with the Pedagogical Provincial Library in Nowy Sącz and the Małopolska Drivers Examination Center in Nowy Sącz. The brochure will be soon available free of charge in the Tourist Information Center in Nowy Sącz.
Both the brochure and the lecture met with positive reception from the audience. The event was honored by the presence of a representative of the Barbacki family, a representative of the City Hall and a member of the City Council of Nowy Sącz.
We thank everyone who helped to organize and who took part in the event.
In the gallery we have put a few photos documenting the event. The information about can be also found on the website of the Nowy Sącz Municipal Office: www.nowysacz.pl/wydarzenia/18442.

1st Forum of Public Dialogue in Nowy Sącz

On January 26, 2018, the last meeting of the 1st Public Dialogue Forum in Nowy Sącz took place. A series of four lectures was conducted under the motto “Who meets Jesus Christ, meets Judaism” what is a quotation from Pope John Paul II.
The event was organized by the Foundation EUROS, the Evangelical-Augsburg Parish in Nowy Sącz and the National Archives in Krakow. The speaker and initiator of the event was Arkadiusz Herzberg, holder of the master’s degree in history, employee of the National Archives in Krakow – the Branch in Nowy Sącz, whose hobby is also following the FC Barcelona football club. Mr. Herzberg is interested in the topic of Judaism and early stages of Christianity for more than a decade.
During the four meetings, the issues covered were as follows: the origin of Christianity, the reasons for the Christian and Jewish divide, a controversial thesis according to which modern Judaism is a direct continuation of the thought and faith of the biblical Israel. During the last meeting the invited guests thoroughly discussed all the above mentioned topics. Also an attempt was made to answer the question whether the common roots of two great religions can be the basis for dialogue.
The meetings were received with great interest by the citizens of Nowy Sącz. We would like to thank all the co-organizers, participants and invited guests. Photos from the event are available in the gallery.