Cooperation request

Barbacki_BielańskaWe are interested in cooperation in respect of doing research and promotion of the life and works of the painter Boleslaw Barbacki (1891-1941).

Boleslaw Barbacki was a prominent portrait painter, a student of Teodor Axentowicz. He was a representative of realism. He worked mainly in his hometown Nowy Sącz. His most outstanding paintings are mainly oil paintings: portraits and nudes but also still life and landscapes as well as some religious paintings. Apart from art, he devoted his time to theater and teaching: he was a principal of the Industrial School for Girls in Nowy Sącz and the founder of the Industrial Manufacturing Company for the graduates of the school,. Moreover, he was the president of the Gymnastic Society “Falcon” in Nowy Sącz and acted as a director, actor and stage designer of the amateur theater called Dramatic Society.

Within the scope of activities of the Foundation we are planning a number of projects aimed at the promotion of the artist. Therefore, we are looking for an art historian to help us as a consultant or one that would be interested in writing (independently or in cooperation) a scientific article about the painting of Barbacki.

Anyone interested is requested to contact the Management Board of the Foundation EUROS.