Save the Old Cementery in Nowy Sącz

The Foundation “Nowe Kierunki” has started fundraising for the renovation of tombstones located in the Old Cemetery in Nowy Sącz.

The Cemetery was established in the end of 18th century – according to a new public law – outside the town. During 100 years it served as a burial place for many people of Nowy Sącz, ordinary and honored citizens, Catholics and Protestants buried next to each other (Jewish cemetery was established separately). It had a beautiful linden alley and lemon and orange trees! Now it lies close to the city center and its area has decreased significantly because there was a need for a new road and some new public buildings. What is left requires immediate renovation.

We ask you to help to preserve tombstones and memory of those who have gone. You may join by giving a donation via our PayPal (“How to help” button) or directly on the website where the fundraising is held:

See some photos of the Old Cementery here:

Thank you! We keep our fingers crossed for the Foundation “Nowe Kierunki”!